The Leeds Philosophical
and Literary Society
Registered Charity  224084   Company Registered in England  177204   

Registered Office:  c/o Leeds City Museum, Cookridge Street, Leeds LS2 8BH


The official charitable purpose of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society is (as newly defined in 1997) "To promote the advancement of science, literature and the arts in the City of Leeds and elsewhere, and to hold, give or provide for meetings, lectures, classes, and entertainments of a scientific, literary or artistic nature".

To fulfil this purpose it today

    • makes grants to individuals for research and publication in any field
    • publishes works of scholarship
    • arranges lectures, visits and other events
    • supports the work of Leeds City Museum and Galleries
    • supports the University of Leeds's concert programme
    • supports other lectures, conferences and cultural activities in Leeds

The Society is keenly interested in cultural developments in Leeds and the region, and is constantly looking for new ways to further its aims.